What is Glocal Mission?

by | Oct 26, 2012 | Featured, Glocal-Mission, Leadership

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Glocal Mission lies at the heart of everything LINC Mission Director, Rev. David Kim, is and does.

Some churches focus only on domestic/local missions, while others focus only on overseas/international missions. However, Pastor Kim believes the biblical mandate, and God’s desire, is to make disciples of all nations and people next door locally and by going to all tongues, tribes and nations globally.

It is not a new concept but something that is already reflected in Scripture, specifically Matt. 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8. Glocal is a fusion of two words: Global and Local. Glocal Mission simply means reaching the unreached with the Gospel and making disciples of all nations locally and globally.

With a stunning amount of ethnic diversity, North America is the number one mission field in the world, with more nationalities represented. In fact, in our very own cities we have massive mission fields.

“The mission field is right where we are living,” he says, “right in our own backyards.”

Pastor Kim defines the mission field in the following way, “Every heart without Christ is a mission field, while every heart with Christ is a missionary by vocation.”

He raised a LINC Congolese/Pan-African congregation as an example of how we can accomplish Glocal Mission.

“By partnering and reaching Congolese people at home in Houston, they themselves can take the Gospel back to their home countries and to their own language group,” he said.

On July 22nd, Pastor David visited the Congolese church to celebrate a year’s worth of mission in the city.

The church began last year with 25 members and was looking for a place to worship. Working with LINC, Pastor Austin Tshibangu and his congregation were able to partner with Rev. Bauer and Pilgrim Lutheran Church to have a consistent facility in which to offer worship services. Now, God has blessed them with exponential growth, with 80+ people worshipping every Sunday.

Pastor Kim said, “It is so fun and easy to reach and make disciples of all nations right here and right now utilizing the resources God has given to His church!”

“You don’t have to speak their language,” he adds. “Our role is to facilitate and resource, and their job is to reach their own people and make them into disciples, leaders, and missionaries by vocation.”

For Pastor Kim and LINC Houston, all of this is possible because of “churches around the city partnering with us financially and through prayer. Our God indeed is a Glocal-Missionary God!”

To learn more about Glocal Mission, and to see how your church can get involved, contact Rev. David Kim at davidkim@linchouston.org.

Glocal Mission: Seek. Disciple. Multiply.

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About Rev. Dr. David Kim

David is founder of Glocal Mission and is the Mission Director at LINC Houston where he serves as the supervising and coaching pastor over 30+ mission congregations composed of 35+ nationalities and in 15+ different languages. David also serves as adjunct professor at Concordia University Irvine CA and Concordia Seminary St Louis MO.

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