Glocal Missional Residency Program

Glocal Missional Residency Program


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The Glocal Missional Residency Program is a 6- to 12-month church planter training program designed to prepare called and qualified church planters to effectively lead a Christ-centered, Gospel-driven, Mission-minded, Kingdom-extending church. Residents will be given hands-on ministry opportunities, along with training and coaching, by leaders and pastors who have a track record of launching urban and suburban missional churches who reach their communities by all means. Residents will be provided with opportunities to observe how their faith and beliefs are lived out in the life of the local church.

This program gives the resident an incredible opportunity to refine his vision, gain real ministry skills, and learn from a variety of seasoned leaders in both church planting and pastoral ministries.


• First-hand experience working in one of our 25+ mission churches, representing 30+ nations and 15+ languages

• Wisdom and insight from experienced planters and staff, who will prepare you for the journey ahead

• Hands-on experience planning worship, leading small groups, organizing community outreach, and raising funds for projects

• Attend workshops, classes, seminars, and national conferences with other church planters

• Possible field education (if attending seminary)

• The joy of serving a multi-ethnic city by sharing the love of Christ in a booming, cross-cultural urban setting for the Kingdom of God

• A greater vision of missions, both at home and abroad

• An exposure to both church and organizational ministry

• Partner with different ministries around the city to help restore and reach out to neighborhoods in Houston

• Observe, engage, discover and experience first-hand the multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-cultural mission field that is the melting pot of Houston


The Glocal Missional Residency Program is a 6- to 12-month program located in the greater Houston, TX metropolitan area. The program can begin at any time of the year, based on the resident’s needs. The program requires a commitment of at least 20 hours per week from the resident. Tasks will vary from week to week as needed by church and organization. In general, tasks will involve the following:

• Completion of projects as given by Director and Pastor(s)

• Reading and writing for purposes of individual growth and greater exposure to theology, missions, and leadership

• Receiving coaching and mentoring by Director and Pastor(s)

• Attending key workshops, seminars, conference, and meetings as instructed by Director and Pastor(s)

• Leading Nehemiah Vision Tours, Urban Mission Trips, etc. as instructed by Director and Pastor(s)

• Being involved in our Glocal-Missional Training Center as instructed by Director and Pastor(s)

• Learning about Glocal Mission vision, mission, and values

• Working on a vision to plant a church through Glocal Mission within a year of starting the Residency Program


The Glocal Missional Residency Program is for church planters who believe they have been called by God to pursue vocational ministry, have demonstrated gifts of leadership and preaching/teaching along with some practical experience in these areas, and desire further equipping to lead in the Church.

The Resident will have:

• A servant’s heart and lead by example

• A passion for church planting and missions at home and abroad

• Leadership skills and a track record of launching projects

• An attitude of humility, flexibility, and patience

• A desire to be discipled and disciple others

• Compassion for the last, the least, the lost, and the lonely

• The drive needed to accomplish any God-given task

• The capacity to raise financial support during his residency


The Glocal Missional Residency Program is set up to allow residents to achieve success in terms of decades, not merely months or years. Therefore, the process we take is intentional and meaningful, knowing that ministry is not easy and will require all the energy the resident has, and more.

There are four steps to the process of this Residency Program:

• Assessment

During our assessment, we evaluate four areas of the church planter’s life: Head, Heart, Hands, and Habit. The Head area evaluates the prospective resident’s knowledge, beliefs, sound doctrine, and confessions. The Heart area evaluates the resident’s passion, compassion, and his emotions. The Hands area evaluates the skills needed to successfully launch a church. Finally, the Habit area evaluates the character of the future church planter. This assessment will give us an idea of where the resident is lacking and needs more work, and where he is especially gifted by God for the work of the ministry. Our desire is not to find faults, but to work alongside you in your weaknesses.

• Training

Once you have been assessed and are found to be a good fit for the Residency Program, the training begins. During these months, you will identify the leadership qualities and preachings gifts needed for church planting which you either have or lack. The future church planters will gain invaluable experience in loving and serving the church more effectively. You will come under Glocal Mission and be coached and mentored directly under the Director. At the same time, you will come under one of our 25+ mission congregations to serve, love, and use your gifts for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Most importantly, your values and character will be molded by the Spirit and the Word, which will positively affect your family, ministry, and personal life.

More specifically, you will be trained in the following:

Self Leadership

1. Self Awareness | Self Management

2. Spiritual Disciplines | Spiritual Formation 3. Marriage and Family

4. Financial Stewardship

5. Physical Fitness

Interpersonal Leadership

1. Community and Cultural Engagement 2. Fundraising

3. Networking with other church leaders 4. Emotional Intelligence

5. Conflict Resolution

6. Core Group Development 

Team Leadership

1. Team Leadership

2. Leadership Development

3. Communication

4. Team Building

Organizational Leadership

1. Mission, Vision, Values, Strategy and Systems Development

2. Budgeting and Business Operations

3. Strategic Planning

4. Elder Development

5. Church Planting Timeline

6. Strategies (prayer, evangelism, discipleship, small groups, etc.) 7. Promotion and Communication

Pastoral Leadership

1. Preaching | Teaching

2. Hermeneutics

3. Gospel Counseling, Funerals and Weddings

4. Doctrine | Biblical, Historical, Systematic, Practical Theology

5. Ecclesiology

6. Gospel Justice

7. Missiology | City Reaching | Networks

8. Funerals | Weddings

• Launch

Once the resident has finished the Residency Program, he is expected to complete a church-planting plan and use of our church-planting guide. The church-planting candidates will work alongside other glocal-missional leaders in the city to build teams, research locations, work on their initial budgets, and complete other critical preparation. When all this is complete, the church planter and his team will begin their public meetings and local outreach.

• Care

Every resident will continue to receive care, guidance, and support form the Glocal Mission team once he is finished with the Program. This early support may take various forms:

• Existing churches may help establish the new church

• Administrative tools and training will be provided to ease paperwork burden

• Evangelism teams may be provided from nearby churches to help in local outreach efforts

• Ongoing counsel, assistance, and training will be provided for the pastor by Glocal Mission leaders



Partial list of responsibilities:

• Live in humble submission to Christ, learning from the Word and from others. • Develop a working understanding of ecclesiology, missiology, and theology in regards to the church plant.

• Development of a prayer support ministry for the new church plant.

• Research, define, and develop a comprehensive launch plan for the new church plant.

• Actively recruit, enlist, and equip core launch team.

• Develop and execute a strategy for donor support.

• Visit other church plants in order to assess, learn, and strengthen personal leadership.

• Participate and fulfill the requirements of the Glocal Mission training. • Involvement in selected activities with the Glocal Mission team.

• Other responsibilities as assigned.


Each resident will be expected to raise their own funds while involved in the residency program. Glocal Mission does not commit to providing funds to church planting residents. Once accepted to the Residency Program, Glocal Mission will walk the residents through raising financial support. The resident, however, will be ultimately responsible for this.