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What We Believe

Glocal Mission exists to equip the church to make disciples of all nations! In response to God’s directive to make disciples of all nations, Glocal Mission’s call is to SEEK the lost, DISCIPLE the found, and MULTIPLY disciple makers and churches locally and globally.

Here is some more information on our confessional beliefs and actional principles:

Confessional Beliefs

Actional Principles

Seek The Lost.

Seek is the first action of a Great Commission-driven believer. A believer who seeks the lost is one who has encountered the heart of God for disconnected people, one who understands the magnitude of their own salvation

In Houston alone there are:

  • Nearly 7 Million Residents
  • Over 220 Spoken Languages
  • 142 Distinct Nationalities
  • Over 70,000 Refugees
  • 75% Unchurched

In the world there are:

  • 7.7 Billion People
  • 6,510 Languages Spoken
  • 7,082 Unreached People Groups
  • 41% of the World is Unreached

We believe a part of reaching the nations around the world includes reaching the nations in our very own city!

Anyone without Christ is a mission field, and anyone with Christ is a missionary by vocation.

- Rev. Dr. David Kim

Find out more opportunities to seek the lost here:

Mission Trips 

Disciple The Found.

Discipleship is the second action of a Great Commission-driven believer. This command from Jesus is at the heart of everything we do. Converts become disciples as we commit time to intentionally develop them into becoming Christ-like in their words and deeds.

A Glocal Mission Church exists to train its members holistically in their Head, Heart, Hands and Habits to become disciple makers.

The "4 H's" Handout

Multiply Disciple Makers and Churches

Multiplication is the third action of a Great Commission-driven believer. This is often the most overlooked. These principles ensures that the Gospel grows as we pour into those who are willing and able to pour into others. Disciples multiplying disciples and churches multiplying churches for the great glory of God!

5 Marks of a Glocal Mission Church

Train leaders and churches to prioritize making disciples and planting churches that multiply.

Train leaders and churches to serve with God’s missional heart to seek the lost and disciple the found locally and globally and to minister intentionally to the nations that are among us and abroad.

Train leaders thoroughly in the areas of Head (Information, Believe), Heart (Formation, Be), Hands (Transformation, Behave), and Habits(Multiplication, Become).

Fully embrace God’s commission to evangelize and to disciple. Although one’s personal gifting may be more in one area than the other, we should seek to live lives and  lead ministries that excels in both areas.

We seek the Lordship of Jesus in our communities by pursuing the Three Missional Outcomes of doing Good – Make a difference; Better – Make relationships; and Best – Make disciples.  Disciples and churches increase their effectiveness by pursuing each of these outcomes.

5 Marks Handout

The 3 Missional Outcomes: Good, Better, Best

Good - Make a Difference.

Through strategic implementation of community services we can make an immediate difference in people’s lives.

Better - Make Relationships.

Our service should lead to opportunities to build lasting and inter-dependent relationships.

Best - Make Disciples.

Our highest call and greatest priority is to make disciples of Jesus who can make disciples.

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