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Mission Trip Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Glocal Mission to take a short-term mission trip to reach the nations.

Short-term mission trips are an incredible way to help your church grow! Every year, hundreds of believers of all ages come to Houston to minister to those without God. Most arrive unsure of what to expect. Some are nervous and as they begin to look outside of themselves and reach out to others, they experience life change that probably wouldn’t happen if they stayed home. 

As you partner with our Glocal Mission Churches, we will walk with you to SEE the mission field in Houston and around the world. We will TRAIN you and EQUIP you to use your gifts and talents to make disciples of all nations and make an impact that will ripple through eternity!  We look for three outcomes: Good: We make a difference in the community by cleaning neighborhoods, painting houses, hosting children festivals, providing food for the disadvantaged, holding health clinics, sports camps, VBS, etc. Better: We building lasting relationships while we serve local people. Best: We share Jesus and make disciples of Jesus.

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Find an Opportunity

Domestic Trip: Immersion Mission Trip to Houston: You'll have unique opportunities to work with ethnically diverse groups of people and of all age groups in our own Urban and Multi-cultural setting.

International Trips: Currently, in the following countries are available throughout the year: Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Belize, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, El Salvador, Spain, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Israel, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippians, and South Korea.

Possible Service ActivitiesCross-cultural experience by sharing traditional food at one of local houses, Vbs/Kids Camps, Sports Camps, Work With Refugees, Feed the Homeless, Work with Orphans, Building Construction or Repair, Various Service Projects, Food Distribution, English Camp, Leading Worship With Choreography, Crafting, Leading a Christ-centered Bible Study, Travel to Remote Villages of another dialect, Gospel-Centered Skits/Drama/Puppets, Street Evangelism, Establish Missionary Homes, Disaster Relief, Apartment Or Door To Door Outreach, Prayer Walks, Visit Elderly Homes, Ministering at Orphanage. Counseling and Mentorship, Volunteering At One Of Our Events Or Programs, Medical Clinics, Eye Glasses Distribution, Medicine And Clothing Distributions, Conducting a Leadership Workshop.

For more info or reservation of a trip, contact us at  or 713-494-3127. Or visit

Let's make a difference for Christ!